Nestled in the calm and cool comforts of the Westside, Hit Squad has built a robust reputation as a prime post facility to house and create definitive story telling for use in all forms of media. These efforts have successfully brought unique and diverse projects to the small and large screen, promotional material for corporate products and non-profit foundations, as well as music videos and presentations for production companies and for the record industry.

For over ten years, Hit Squad has become a stylistic creative force within the entertainment industry. The company was founded on the expertise of two motion picture producers and editors, Martin Cutler and T.J. Mahar. Their first hand story driven talents stem from the countless years working for VH1’s highly praised and long running series Behind The Music. Since then, they have utilized their distinct skills and strong industry relationships to become a well respected and sought after duo for projects, straight from start to finish.

Hit Squad’s storied history has led it to become a highly regarded creative environment for individuals and companies looking to take their projects to another level of quality. We offer the full gamut in services from the beginnings of production to the delivery of your final piece, all with the passion and drive that can far exceed expectations. Right on target, Hit Squad will give you the most on any scale, whatever your needs may be.

True to its roots, Hit Squad’s foundation begins with it being a full service post production facility spread across two offices. Built around the latest generation of Avid servers, the ISIS 5000, Hit Squad showcases 10 Avid Media Composer edit suites, 4 complete Avid Symphony finishing systems, and 5 producing stations allowing for multiple individuals and projects to go on at the same time. Time constraints are virtually eliminated with the ability to house your media in a centralized environment and make it easily accessible by anyone.

There’s no need to go elsewhere for specific post needs. Hit Squad can provide you with a variety of services to cater to any project. Whether it’s dubbing, transfers and duplication, equipment and office rentals, tape or tapeless, we make sure you aren’t left missing anything for your project. And we have deep resume of editors, audio mixers, and graphic designers to help bring it to the next level.

The experiences of being a full production and post facility have led to a long lasting partnership with Eric Schiff Productions. From 2008-2011, Hit Squad housed Schiff and his team during production and post for their acclaimed reality programming series Deliver Me for Oprah Winfrey Network and Raising Sextuplets for WE TV as well as several pilots and specials. Hit Squad was directly involved in assisting editorially on each project from start of offline to final finishing of episodes.

Building upon ventures into non-fictional material, Hit Squad has also worked on several reality pilots and presentations in conjunction with talented productions companies. Completed in 2010, were Lets the Spend the Night Together: Confessions of Rock’s Greatest Groupies, a new chapter in the VH1 RockDoc series for Creature Films. Teaming with Empirical Reality, Hit Squad also created The Rock Wife, a reality series centered on the wife of Slashfor A&E and a presentation on the CEO of the As Seen on TV brand. Hit Squad also stepped into news programming with the pilot Yahoo Buzz, a half hour daily news show in conjunction with 20th Century Fox Television.

Current clients we work with are producing a reality series for TLC featuring Pete Rose and his model fiancee Kiana Kim, "Exposed" for The Travel Channel and multiple episodes of "Behind the Music" for VH1.


Continuing their strong relationship with talented individuals, Hit Squad has developed and created several projects for director Stacy Peralta. Peralta, known for his acclaimed films Dogtown and Z-Boys and Riding Giants, collaborated with Hit Squad to create the surf documentary, Pipeline Masters, detailing history of the famed surf competition of the same name. The film was released in 2006 in theatres and on DVD. For the next 18 months, Peralta set out to make his next ambitious feature length film, Crips and Bloods: Made In America, with Hit Squad providing full production and post services as well as co-owner T.J. Mahar editing. The film, based on the Los Angeles history of gangs, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2008 and was released theatrically to theatres in 2009. It won the 2009 United Nations Film Festival award for Best Editing and is nominated for a 2010 Emmy award.


Hit Squad has also been a consistent go to for 20th Television in many of their marketing and promotional campaigns. For the last several years, Hit Squad has provided presentations and trailers for 20th to showcase at the annual NATPE convention, promoting syndication of popular television programming. Hit Squad also created specific presentations and syndicated launch campaigns for popular shows such as The Unit, Bones, and M*A*S*H. In addition, Hit Squad has done a variety of trailers, promos and programs for such companies as MTV, Nickelodeon, Disney, and TNT.


Expanding on a proven track record, Hit Squad has become a premiere media content creator for corporations, businesses, and non-profit foundations. With the skills and talent in place, Hit Squad has delivered promos and videos detailing companies services and products, all with a professional and visually artistic storytelling style. Hit Squad has created pieces for such companies as Celgene, Novartis, Millenium Pharmaceuticals, and Medtronic. They have also been the main media content creator for the International Myeloma Foundation for over 5 years, working on patient and doctor seminars, promotional materials and informational DVDs.

Hit Squad editors have also cut commercials for clients including McDonald’s, Budweiser, Vans, Payless Shoes and Verizon Wireless.

Hit Squad’s creative endeavors began with editing literally hundreds of shows for VH1 including Behind the Music, Driven, True Spin, and the Ultimate Albums series. The shows elements created storylines built around various artists, giving exciting visual flavor with the backdrop of music.

This stylistic approach opened up lasting relationships with the music industry to create diverse sets of projects with various artists including Rod Stewart, Brad Paisley, and Alison Krauss. For several years, Hit Squad also worked with EMI Records to build special content for a variety of their artists including The Beach Boys, Megadeth, Al Green, Blind Melon, Cracker, Dean Martin, Gang Starr, Highwaymen, Iggy Pop, Queensryche and R.E.M.

In 2006, Hit Squad embarked on an ambitious concept project, collaborating with rapper Ice Cube, to create a long form music video for his album Laugh Now, Cry Later. Videos were created for each song and interwoven, allowing the viewer to enjoy the entire album both as video and audio experience.


Hit Squad houses one of the last fully functional Motion Control Photography machines in the greater Los Angeles area. An economical and unique alternative to computer based photo manipulation, the machine creates fluid and smooth motion to any photos and elements to be used in your projects. With our capabilities, you can cut out the cost and time of creating your elements graphically and complement your project with an exceptional visual aesthetic.

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